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The beauty of the lake, the lush and unspoiled nature, the history of the place demonstrated by elegant historic mansions, churches and castle in ancient villages, represent the varied range available to tourists. 

The discovery of the enchantment can start from the ancient village of Orta San Giulio, characterized by narrow, winding cobbled tiny streets overlooked by prestigious baroque buildings with slate roofs, courtyards, porches and wrought iron balconies. 

From Piazza Motta we can ship to reach the picturesque island of San Giulio, which houses the early Christian basilica that has become a cloistered monastery since the '70s.

The Sacred Mount of Orta, devotional path consisting of 21 chapels, 370 polychrome statues and 900 paintings, all inspired by the life of St. Francis.

Leaving Orta, you can proceed to Legro, the town of walls with paintings inspired by the films made in this area, reach Ameno the reserve of Mount Mesma where there are a monastery, a church consecrated in 1666 and two devotional paths and also visit Villa Nigra in Miasino where is one of the finest examples of country house built between 1500 and 1700.

On the opposite shore of the lake are: Pella, elegant resort with beautiful lake promenade and the marina, Alzo with the ancient caves and Pogno with paintings on the walls. A little further south perched on the hill, the picturesque medieval core of Soriso.

Clearly visible from the Hotel San Rocco, on the other side, stands the Sanctuary of Madonna del Sasso in Boleto.

From the perspective of Nature, the area also boasts about Mottarone from whose summit you can enjoy a spectacular view of Monte Rosa in the Alps.